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Local residents are being asked their views on some amendments to the market place/town centre redevelopment scheme.

Following talks with Cambridgeshire County Highways, some amendments have been suggested.

The view of the Local Highway Authority is that closure at Church terrace would result in additional traffic issues in Hill Street, and it is therefore suggested that Hill Street be included in the scheme.

Closure of the town centre would therefore be by gates at:

Church Terrace (at Nat West near the Market Place arch)
Hill Street (at the arch on Nene Quay)
Market Street (replacing the bollards)
High Street (under the arch to prevent any access against the no-entry)

Closure will cover 7am to 4pm pedestrianising the town centre.

The access at Hill Street and Church Terrace would be staffed to allow delivery vehicles and market traders only to be permitted between 7am and 10am. Domestic properties on Hill Street would retain current vehicular access rights.

This scheme would prevent access to the existing disabled parking spaces at the end of the market place (opposite Savers). However, it is envisaged that replacement disabled parking bays would be created within the vicinity of the town centre (to be decided, but possibly Bridge Street and Church Terrace).


Following discussions with the Local Highway Authority, your views on the following amendments are requested.

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Town Centre Redevelopment - amendments July 2018

Amendment of pedestrianisation from 7am to 4pm

If you have any further comments about these amendments.

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Wisbech Town Council wishes to support local businesses within the redevelopment of the market place and town centre.

Quotes for any aspect of the plans, or the overall scheme, are welcome - please get in touch if further information is required.

Wisbech Town Council have been looking at plans to refresh, rejuvenate and renew Wisbech Market Place for the last six months. This is our vision:

  • The first problem we wanted to resolve was that of poor or illegal parking. We propose to pedestrianise the majority of the Market Place using beautiful wrought metal gates to bar entry completely between10am and 4pm, however these times will be addressed as part of the consultation. Cars will be completely removed from the Market Place, including those of Market Traders (who will benefit from arranged parking elsewhere.) This will make the Market Place safer and look much more attractive. Although the High Street / Hill Street route will not be part of the pedestrianisation, it will feature bollards to prevent pavement and poor parking and the only parking allowed there will be disabled parking. There will be no reduction of the number of bays available for disabled use.
  • We wanted to introduce an open, light and enjoyable atmosphere to the area and we propose to do this in a number of ways: generous planters positioned around the market surrounding stylised seating, delightful water features and a redesign of the layout to give an airy and continental feel that can be enjoyed by shoppers and pedestrians.
  • We will also add a Tidal Clock, as a nod to our town's historic nautical links and to the plans of designers years ago. This will be an attractive feature.
  • At one end of the Market Place we hope to introduce a small Children's Play Area, nothing too grand, but fun for the youngsters and a chance for a break for busy parents with children in tow.
  • The statement piece of our proposed redesign is a high canopy which will cover nearly half of the Market Place. This will created a covered market where stall holders can trade without concern for bad weather, more comfortable and convenient for shoppers using their services.

The overall effect should be a car-free safe area, with a covered market and brightened by lush greenery, water features, a tidal clock and elegant seating. We hope it will look lovely.

This proposal has been the result of public consultation followed by a hard working task group of Councillors and members of the public. It has the support of the Wisbech Society, the Chamber of Commerce and the trustees of the Wisbech Museum.

If you wish to offer a quote for any or all of the development scheme, you can write to:

Wisbech Town Council Market Place Scheme 2018 (QUOTE)
1 North Brink
Wisbech PE13 1JR