Wisbech Town Council

Serving the people of Wisbech

Wisbech Town Council Chamber, 1 North Brink

Town Clerk: Terry Jordan
1 North Brink, Wisbech
Cambridgeshire PE13 1JR

Wisbech Castle Management Committee

Oversee the functions of the Council relating to the operation, management and development of Wisbech Castle, including:

  • establishing a Wisbech Castle Working Party, including the members of the Wisbech Castle Management Committee, selected non-councillor volunteers, experts and interested parties as well as Council staff where necessary. The Working Party and Council staff to be responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of projects and schemes, answering in all respects to the Management Committee
  • providing oversight and acting as senior management to the Castle Working Party
  • working with the Castle Working Party, to produce plans in relation to the refurbishment, maintenance, development and enhancement of Wisbech Castle and other assets within its grounds
  • developing and submitting applications for any funding necessary to achieve the refurbishment and development of Wisbech Castle and other assets within its grounds
  • delivering against the business case submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council in support of Wisbech Town Council's acquisition of Wisbech Castle and any future business cases and plans developed by the Castle Management Committee in co-operation with the Castle Working Party
  • ensuring Wisbech Town Council's compliance with the lease between Wisbech Town Council and Cambridgeshire County Council (dated 2 February 2018)
  • ensuring re-payment to the County Council of the loan (£150,000) provided by that council for refurbishment of Wisbech Castle
  • setting the terms and conditions for the rental of space at Wisbech Castle
  • determining the charges for the uses of all buildings and facilities on-site
  • overseeing the letting and determination of agreements and contracts for rental of space at Wisbech Castle
  • recommending the annual budget for Wisbech Castle, via the Policy and Resources Committee, to the Council
  • In liaison with the Castle Working Party, approval of advertising and promotion of Wisbech Castle and its associated land and buildings, as a community asset/venue.

Wisbech Castle Management Committee Membership 2021/2022

Councillor Imafidon

Councillor Ketteringham

Councillor Maul

Councillor Oliver

Councillor Rackley (Vice-Chairman)

Councillor Tierney

Councillor Topgood (Chairman)

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