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Sadly inaccurate information is being put out about the incinerator planning process. What is being suggested is that if people/council's do not respond now they have no chance in future. This is FALSE!!As part of the planning process MVV will need to provide a document that demonstrates their consultation undertaken, the responses received and their response to them – which may well be no change, but they still need to demonstrate what has been said and if it has amended their scheme in any way. Of course people should comment on this and all 3 councils will be putting in formal responses.However, the very important stage comes in December once the application is in. It then goes in to the examination stage which is where we need to make all of our legal and planning arguments. Wisbech Town Council are due to meet with our planning agent to discuss plans for this stage so we are able to obtain any information that we may need in good time, as well as to develop a strategy.The diagram explains the process: -