Wisbech Town Council

Serving the people of Wisbech

Wisbech Town Council Chamber, 1 North Brink

Town Clerk: Terry Jordan
1 North Brink, Wisbech
Cambridgeshire PE13 1JR

Staffing and Communications Committee

  • Agree the council's staffing structure and to make recommendations to council where necessary.
  • Review as necessary the terms and conditions of employment of staff.
  • Monitor, via the Clerk, the performance of staff.
  • Ensure that the council is meeting all of its obligations as an employer, including the delivery of appropriate training and development opportunities.
  • Review and implement policies and practices in relation to staffing issues.

Staffing and Communications Committee Membership 2021/2022

Councillor Balsevics

Councillor Hoy

Councillor Human

Councillor Pehlivanova

Councillor Tibbs (Vice-Chairman)

Councillor Tierney (Chairman)

Councillor Topgood

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