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Cambridgeshire County Council Awards £150k to Wisbech Town Council

Cambridgeshire County Council Awards £150k to Wisbech Town Council

Communities Capital Fund allows Wisbech Town Council to 'crack on' with plans to revitalise Wisbech Market Place.

The Cambridgeshire Communities Capital Fund was launched on 1 April 2020, and set aside up to £5m to help support community projects across the county. The fund was also to support community led projects to improve health, wellbeing, social and economic opportunities in our communities. It was therefore an exciting opportunity for Wisbech Town Council to submit a bid for £150,000, match funded by WTC by £50,000 to regenerate and revitalise Wisbech Market Place.

The bid criteria was to assist in addressing issues with a specific priority for the local community, to address inequality of access to services or activities, and to implement community involvement in delivery or design of the project.

The bid was recommended to the County Council's Communities and Partnerships Committee meeting and the final decision was taken today, 6 August 2020, to approve the bid.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Miss Samantha Hoy, said, "Councillor Andrew Lynn, Chairman of the Market Place Committee, has been the lead on this project alongside Terry Jordan, Town Clerk. They have worked incredibly hard to ensure the market place renovation planning was creative, thoroughly thought out and allow customers, traders and businesses to all benefit". The only stumbling block has been access to funding which winning this bid had now addressed.

The Cambridgeshire Communities Capital Fund recognised that this project seeks to both improve the appearance of Wisbech Market Place and introduce new and improved facilities which will enhance its use as both a trading area and a community space. One of the key aspects to this project is to develop a pedestrianised zone (operating between 7.00 am and 4.00 pm within the Market Place area and, secondly, to prohibit car parking on the Market Place and to undertake physical works such as new seating and waste bins, re-paving, decorative water features, plus a feature to attract the public to want to spend time in that space.

By bringing people together, whether it be for retail activity or community activity, the Market Place plays an important role in improving community cohesion/integration and people's wellbeing and mental health. Making Wisbech Market Place a more inviting and welcoming place for people to spend time will bring many benefits to the community.

Councillor Lynn commented, "This vision is going to become a reality now, and with confirmation of this additional funding to make the project possible, the Town Council cannot wait to crack on with the work. Our next step will be to have further meetings with the Civil Engineers to finalise all of the the designs and obtain quotations to carry out the project".

Posted: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 11:30 by Tina

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