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Wisbech Acts of Kindness

Wisbech Acts of Kindness

Wisbech Town Council has partnered with Fenland Citizen to recognise the many neighbours, businesses and volunteers who have assisted those less able during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Council is reaching out for nominations for those worthy of recognition. There are no 'classes' or 'winners'. We believe everyone who has put themselves forward to be kind is a winner.

Speaking today of her hopes for the campaign, Councillor Mrs Susan Wallwork said, "We know of so many people and organisations who deserve thanks. We thought it would be more appropriate to create a video montage of everyone and to promote that through posters and social media".

Town Clerk, Terry Jordan, said, "The aim is to demonstrate the true community spirit of so many who went above and beyond during these strange and difficult times".
If you'd like to nominate someone, please send us:

1) Their name, address and contact number.
2) A photo of them if you have one
3) A short sentence or two about why you have nominated them
4) Your own name, address and contact number

Please send this information to
kindness@wisbechtowncouncil.org.uk 📅 before Wednesday 15 July when entries will be closed. You can also post the nomination to us at the Town Hall, 1 North Brink, Wisbech PE13 1JR or simply pop it into our letterbox when you are next passing.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us on 01945 461333.

PLEASE SHARE and encourage your friends to nominate their #CommunityHeroes too

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