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Wisbech Volunteer Group go above and beyond for a worthy cause

Wisbech Volunteer Group go above and beyond for a worthy cause

Wisbech Volunteer Group go above and beyond for a worthy cause

It all started when three friends, Councillor Samantha Hoy, Councillor Aigars Balsevics and Councillor Steve Tierney decided to set up a small team to help out where possible across Wisbech and surrounding villages. Setting out on most days to collect and deliver food parcels, prescriptions, basic necessities and being available for a friendly chat to anyone who felt isolated, the small team grew in size as volunteers came forward to offer their assistance.

We asked Sam for more information:

So, why did you volunteer to do this?

I have always seen myself as somewhere between an ordinary human being and a passionate person striving to solve problems. When I saw the level of help that was going to be needed, I didn't think twice about putting my name forward to do whatever I could.

And why particularly with Steve Tierney and Aigars Balsevics, Dave Topgood, Billy Rackley and Sue Wallwork?

I didn't choose them… they came forward to help. I have been friends with Steve for over 10 years, Garry Tibbs too and I am Godmother to Aigars and Veronica's daughter. I am also friends with Dave, Billy and Sue outside of work. These guys are strong dependable friends both of me and of Wisbech as a whole. Other Councillors and local people also expressed a wish to help, but were unable to due to lockdown restrictions or personal circumstances. We love going for a bite to eat to wind down and relax. These guys are strong dependable friends that I trust implicitly outside of politics.

What was your worst moment during the lockdown?

"It's been hard on us all! We found one old lady basically starving. Doing it day in day out left us pretty exhausted but we have persevered and will continue this task until the lockdown is completely over"

And the best bits?

We have also had such sweet gifts; an old lady made us cakes; it has been nice that people have said they really appreciated us doing their food shops and prescriptions.

The Team

Cllrs Sam Hoy, Aigars Balsevics, Steve Tierney, Billy Rackley, Dave Topgood, Sue Wallwork

And ably assisted by #VolunteerSuperheros Rob Hammond, Alan Thomas, David Scott, Lyndsey Walpole, Jamie and Lucas Edwards, Becky wilding, Rob Higgins, Tony Reader, Beth Prior, Andrew Delahunty and Samantha Tilney

"I would like to personally thank everyone who has volunteered to help during the Covid-19 shielding of vulnerable members of our community. Wisbech is strong when we all work together. None of this would be possible without a strong team"

Wisbech Town Mayor, Cllr Aigars Balsevics

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