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PRESS RELEASE - Wisbech in Bloom

PRESS RELEASE - Wisbech in Bloom

At their meeting on 19 November 2018 the members of Wisbech Town Council decided, unanimously, that the council would double the level of grant funding that it provides annually to the Wisbech in Bloom team.

For a number of years, Wisbech Town Council has provided an annual grant of £2,500 to Wisbech in Bloom towards the cost of the activities undertaken by this team of community volunteers. With effect from the financial year 2019/20, that grant funding will increase to £5,000 per annum.

The primary reason for this decision by Wisbech Town Council is to provide funding so that the team is able, in future years, to meet the cost of the winter planting of areas of the town which had been undertaken, until this year, by Fenland District Council. The lack of such planting in the future would impact upon the ability to win future Anglia in Bloom and Britain in Bloom Awards.

The voluntary work the In Bloom team carry out make Wisbech a place for people to be proud of, and it is hoped the extra funding will enable them to maintain their high Gold standards.

Councillor Miss Samantha Hoy, Leader of Wisbech Town Council, said "The success of the Wisbech in Bloom team over more than a decade is well known; its achievements in this year's Anglia in Bloom and Britain in Bloom Awards have been outstanding. The work undertaken by this team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers is a credit to the town of Wisbech and it is a "no brainer" for the Town Council to wish to support the team in whatever ways that it can". Providing this additional funding is one way that the council is able to support Wisbech in Bloom and I am sure that those people who live in Wisbech, work in Wisbech or visit Wisbech will consider this to be money well spent".

Contact: Terry Jordan, Clerk to Wisbech Town Council – 01945 461333; clerk@wisbechtowncouncil.org.uk

Posted: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 20:31 by Susanah Farmer

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