Wisbech Town Council

Serving the people of Wisbech

Wisbech Town Council Chamber, 1 North Brink

Town Clerk: Terry Jordan
1 North Brink, Wisbech
Cambridgeshire PE13 1JR


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Abandoned Vehicles (Fenland District Council)

Accounts (Wisbech Town Council)

Adoption (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Agendas of Wisbech Town Council

Allotments (Wisbech Town Council)

Annual Assembly for Wisbech

Anti-Social Behaviour:

Neighbours (Fenland District Council)

Public (Police)

Archives (Cambridgeshire County Council) - there are also local archives at the Wisbech & Fenland Museum in Wisbech

Asbestos (Fenland District Council)


Bees - assistance with swarms:

Peterborough & District Beekeepers

West Norfolk & King's Lynn Beekeepers

Benefits (Fenland District Council)

Bins (Fenland District Council)

Births, Marriages and Deaths (Cambridgeshire County Council) Cambridgeshire ceremonies-marriages-weddings-civil partnerships-baby naming-vow renewal

Birth, death and marriage records and certificates for Cambridgeshire

Blocked Drains (Public sewers) (Anglian Water)

Blocked Drains - Highways (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Blue Badge Scheme (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Boats (Wisbech Port and Yacht Harbour) (Fenland District Council)

Bridleways (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Broken links

Building Control/Regulations (Fenland District Council)

Bulky waste - Do you have a large item, like a fridge or sofa, that you're not sure how to get rid of? Find out how to donate it, take it to a household recycling centre or arrange for the council to collect it (Fenland District Council)

Business Rates (Fenland District Council)

Burials (Fenland District Council)

Bus Passes (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Bus Shelters (Fenland District Council) – some bus shelters may be under Parish Council control.


Car Boot:

Market Place (Wisbech Town Council)

Car Parking Permits (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Car Parks: see also Parking

Fenland District Council


Market Place (Wisbech Town Council)

CCTV Surveillance (Fenland District Council)

Cemeteries (Fenland District Council)

Wisbech General Cemetery (information from the Wisbech Society)

Child Care (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Christmas Fayre

Citizens Advice Bureau

Contact Citizens Advice Rural Cambs for free, independent and impartial advice:

· Adviceline: 0808 278 7807

Monday to Friday 09:30 to 15:30

· Webchat or Email via: www.citizensadviceruralcambs.org.uk

· Information also available on our website at www.citizensadviceruralcambs.org.uk or at www.citizensadvice.org.uk

· Universal Credit Help to Claim line: 0800 1448444 (Citizens Advice National phone line for anyone seeking to make a new claim for Universal Credit) 

Face-to-Face appointments are booked if required after initial help and support via telephone, email or webchat.

Citizenship (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Civic Regalia (Wisbech Town Council)

Clinical Waste Disposal (Fenland District Council)

Clocks (Wisbech Town Council)

Community Grants (Wisbech Town Council)

Community Safety:

Fenland District Council


Community Survey: Fenland Community Safety Partnership survey to highlight any issues that affect you or the local area

Community Information:

Wisbech Information Centre


Community Transport (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Compliments, Comments or Complaints (Wisbech Town Council)

Concessionary Fares (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Conservation Areas (Fenland District Council)

Contracts and Tendering

Council Chamber (Wisbech Town Council)

Council Housing:

Fenland District Council

Clarion Housing

Council Offices:

Wisbech Town Council

Fenland District Council

Cambridgeshire County Council

Borough of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

Norfolk County Council

South Holland District Council

Lincolnshire County Council

Council Tax (Fenland District Council)

Council Wards


Wisbech Town Council

Fenland District Council

Cambridgeshire County Council

Crime Prevention (Police)

Culture and entertainment - SEE Leisure, Culture and Entertainment


Disabled Badges (Parking) (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Doctors - see GP surgeries

Dog Mess (Fenland District Council)

Dog Warden (Fenland District Council)

Dropped Kerbs (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Dumped Rubbish (Fenland District Council)

Dumped Vehicles (Fenland District Council)

Dumps (Rubbish/Tip) (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Dustbin Collection (Fenland District Council)


Education (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Adult Education and Training Courses (Free) (learnyay.co.uk)

Elderly – Social Services (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Electoral Registration (Fenland District Council)

ELECTRICITY EMERGENCIES - Find what you should do in an emergency involving gas, electricity, or carbon monoxide; safety advice for hazards such as overhead power lines or gas pipelines; and find out what to do if there is a power cut.


Family History (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Families - Social Services (Cambridgeshire County Council)


Fenland District Council

Wisbech Flood Wardens on Facebook

Environment Agency

Fly Posting (Fenland District Council)

Fly Tipping (Fenland District Council)

Footpaths (Rights Of Way) (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Fostering (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Freedom of Information (Wisbech Town Council):

Publication Scheme

Policies (Wisbech Town Council)


GAS EMERGENCIES - Find what you should do in an emergency involving gas, electricity, or carbon monoxide; safety advice for hazards such as overhead power lines or gas pipelines; and find out what to do if there is a power cut.

GP surgeries:

Clarkson Surgery

North Brink Practice

Trinity Surgery

Graffiti Removal (Fenland District Council)

Grants (Wisbech Town Council Community Grants)

Grass Cutting:

Verges (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Parks and Playgrounds (Fenland District Council)

Grit Bins (Wisbech Town Council)

Gritting (Roads and Paths) (Cambridgeshire County Council)


Hazardous Waste Disposal (Fenland District Council)


Doctors - see GPs

North Cambs Hospital

Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre

Mental Health - Keep Your Head brings together reliable information on mental health and wellbeing for children, young people and adults across Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

Hedges (Nuisance) (Fenland District Council)

Highways (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Homelessness (Fenland District Council)

Household Waste Collection (Fenland District Council)


Fenland District Council

Clarion Housing

Housing Benefit (Fenland District Council)


Interpreting/translation (Cambridgeshire County Council)




Jobcentre Near Me - find local Jobcentre Plus offices, benefits and employment information
Universal Jobmatch
Job & Skills Cafe at the Queen Mary Centre
Workshop Recruitment
search for jobs via Jobbydoo
search for jobs via Totaljobs
search for jobs via neuvoo
search for jobs via Sales Jobs
search for jobs via Adzuna

Other job search engines are available


Leisure, Culture and entertainment

Angles Theatre

Luxe Cinema

Light Cinema

Hudson Leisure Centre (New Vision Fitness)

Ouse Washes

Play2Day (Guyhirn)

Pigeons Farm (Thorney)

Ring's End Nature Reserve

Welney Wetland Centre

Libraries (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Licensing (Fenland District Council)

Litter (Fenland District Council)

Local History Archives:

Cambridgeshire County Council

Wisbech & Fenland Museum


Marina (Wisbech Port and Yacht Harbour) (Fenland District Council)

Markets (Wisbech Town Council)

Mayor (Wisbech Town Council)

Meetings of Wisbech Town Council

Mental Health services and advice

MEPs (Members of the European Parliament)

MP (Member of Parliament)

Minutes of Wisbech Town Council

Missing link (suggest additions to this listing)

Museums (Wisbech):

Wisbech & Fenland Museum

Octavia Hill Birthplace House

Peckover House (National Trust)


Needles (Drugs – Hazard) (Fenland District Council)

Neighbours (Nuisance) (Fenland District Council)

Newsletter (Wisbech Town Council Matters)

Noise (Nuisance) (Fenland District Council)

Nuisance (Anti-Social Behaviour) (Fenland District Council)

Nursery Schools (Cambridgeshire County Council)


Old Age – Advice and Assistance:

Social Services (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Golden Age Fairs (Fenland District Council)


Parish Councils Adjacent to Wisbech:


Wisbech St Mary




Parking (see also Car Parks)

Town centre parking

Parks and Gardens (Fenland District Council)

Parks and Grounds Maintenance (Fenland District Council)

Pavements (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Pests and Pest Control (Fenland District Council)

Pharmacies (find your local pharmacy)

Planning (Fenland District Council)

Playgrounds (Fenland District Council)


Cambridgeshire Police
Wisbech Policing Team
Reporting suspicious or ciminal activities
Use this secure form to report any information you have about criminal activity or suspicious activity in your community. Every piece of information will be reviewed and could help to stop a crime or convict an offender.

Ask the police - answers to a lot of legal and policing questions from the Police National Legal Database

Policies (Wisbech Town Council): see the Documents page

Code of Conduct

Equality Policy

Financial Regulations

Members' Handbook

Standing Orders

Potholes (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Primary Schools (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Public Footpaths (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Public Toilets:

Wisbech Town Council

Fenland District Council

Public Transport (Cambridgeshire County Council)


Rats (Pest Control) (Fenland District Council)

Recycling (Waste):

Bins (Fenland District Council)

Centres (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Refuse Tips (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Register of Electors (Fenland District Council)

Register Offices (Births, Marriages, Deaths) (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Rehabilitation Services:



Road and Pathway Maintenance (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Road Improvements (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Roads and Highways (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Roadworks News:



Roadworks.org (communications hub for live and planned road and traffic information

Rose Fair


Salting and Gritting (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Schools (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Secondary Schools (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Sheltered Housing (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Social Services (Cambridgeshire County Council):


Children and families


Spinney (Wisbech Adventure Park)

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Leisure centres (Fenland District Council - New Vision Fitness)

Wisbech Football Club

Wisbech Rugby Club

Wisbech Town Cricket Club

Wisbech Town Hockey Club

Wisbech Table Tennis Association

Wisbech Lawn Tennis Club

Wisbech Squash Club

Stray dogs

Street Cleaning (Fenland District Council)

Street Furniture:

Fenland District Council

Wisbech Town Council – if you have any concerns regarding the street furniture located on Wisbech market place, please contact the Town Council offices.

Street Lighting (Cambridgeshire County Council/Balfour Beatty)
Street Lighting fault

Sunday Markets

Market Place (Wisbech Town Council)


Tide Tables (Fenland District Council)

Tips (Rubbish/Waste) (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Tourism (Fenland District Council)

Tourism and visitor information - Wisbech Information Centre - can be found within Etcetera 7 York Row PE13 1EB 01945 232456

Trading Standards (Cambridgeshire County Council) please contact trading.standards@cambridgeshire.gov.uk or telephone 0345 045 5206

Travel (How to Get To Wisbech)

Trees (Fenland District Council)

Truancy (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Twinning (Wisbech/Arles Twinning Club)


Vandalism (Fenland District Council)

VAT - Wisbech Town Council VAT Registration Number 170 3469 15

Verge Maintenance (Cambridgeshire County Council)


War Memorial

Memorial Gardens (Fenland District Council)

Council Chamber

Wards (Council Wards)

Welfare Benefits (Fenland District Council)

Wheelchair accessible private hire vehicles:

Parkers of Wisbech
FACT (Fenland Association for Community Transport)

Winter Road Maintenance (Cambridgeshire County Council)


Wisbech Adventure Park (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Wisbech Port (Fenland District Council)

Wisbech Rail Reopening Campaign

Wisbech Town Council Plan

Wisbech Town Guide

Wisbech Town Matters (Wisbech Town Council Newsletter) – discontinued, please see social media and the Fenland Citizen for regular updates on Town Council activities.


Youth Support Service (Cambridgeshire County Council)