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Wisbech Town Council Small Grants

This year's budget has now been spent in full. Therefore any applications submitted now will be considered for grant allocations in May 2021.

Who can apply?

Wisbech Town Council will consider applications from voluntary and charitable organisations which are non-profit making and operate with no undue restrictions on membership. The headquarters of the organisation does not have to be within the parish, but it must demonstrate that its activities benefit substantially the local community of Wisbech.

Please note that local government regulations do not permit the award of Wisbech Town Council discretionary grants to individuals. Applications can also not be considered from statutory or profit-making organisations.

What does the Town Council take into account when awarding grants?

Wisbech Town Council will look at the following issues when assessing requests: contribution to social, environmental, and economic well-being, community involvement and activities, social inclusion, any previous funding, purpose of the organisation and the assistance requested.

How do I apply?

To apply for a grant please complete the Small Grants Application Form below.

Please Note: Choose which way you would prefer to complete your application, by online or hand-written form. Completed forms need to be returned to the Council offices by post or email.

What happens next?

When Wisbech Town Council sets its annual budget in January each year, the grants budget for the next financial year, beginning in April, will be agreed. The small grants budget for the financial year 2020/21 is £7,000. The Council's Policy and Resource Committee will consider all applications received. Once all of the grant budget for the financial year 2020/21 has been allocated, the Council will not consider any further applications until 2021/22.

It is requested that any organisations which are successful in receiving funding demonstrate how the money was spent.

If you require any additional information or assistance in completing the form, please do not hesitate to contact Wisbech Town Council's office.