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Purpose of the Annual Assembly - All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an annual parish meeting each year. The purpose of calling this meeting is to enable the Council to report on the year. Also, electors are given a chance to have their say on anything which they consider is important to the people of the parish of Wisbech.

Who can attend the meeting? - The meeting is open to the public but such persons only as are registered as local government electors for the town will be entitled to vote at the meeting.

Will I be able to ask questions and make suggestions? - Yes, any registered elector may ask questions of the Council. These will usually be answered by the Mayor, or designated to be answered by the Town Clerk, or a Councillor. There is also the opportunity for members of the public to bring to council?s attention matters relating to the town or its electors.

Who will chair the meeting? - As Chairman of Wisbech Town Council, The Mayor will chair the meeting.

Will Town Councillors be present? - Yes, all Town Councillors are summoned to attend the meeting.

Will notes be taken of the meeting? - Yes, minutes of the meeting are kept as a written record. Minutes of the previous meeting are presented to those attending for their consideration and agreement.

How long will the meeting last? - As long as need be within reason. This is dependent on the number of questions raised and any following discussion. Generally, the meeting will last no longer than two hours.

Will the Press be there? - The Press is notified of the meeting and invited to be present. This is the case for all Town Council meetings.

Minutes of Annual Assembly Meetings
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Wisbech Town Council


28 May 2019 – 7.30pm

All persons are welcome to attend (but only those registered as local government electors for the town are entitled to speak and vote)

Provisional items for the agenda, so far, are:

  • Minutes of the Annual Assembly of May 2018
  • Annual Report of the Mayor of Wisbech
  • Annual Report of the Leader of the Council
  • Any business raised by parishioners.

Any resolutions to be put to the meeting by parishioners should be submitted, in writing, to the Town Clerk by 21 May 2019.

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Notice issued and published by:

Mr T Jordan, PSLCC
Clerk to Wisbech Town Council
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Wisbech, PE13 1JR

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