Wisbech Town Council

Serving the people of Wisbech

Wisbech Town Council Chamber, 1 North Brink

Town Clerk: Terry Jordan
1 North Brink, Wisbech
Cambridgeshire PE13 1JR

Access to information

Wisbech Town Council has adopted the Information Commissioner's model Publication Scheme. We aim to publish as much information as we can online. All of our documents are stored in our document management system (DMS) where you can also view our agendas and minutes. You can set the filter to select documents of interest.

However, some items are only available in print. You should be aware that the Council is entitled to withhold certain information.

If you are looking for information about Wisbech Town Council and cannot find it on the website, please contact us ( info@wisbechtowncouncil.org.uk )

You can also use the What Do They Know? website

For general information about how to make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request please see HERE

Follow this link for full details about the Freedom of Information Act from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)